Still in Recovery Mode

Neil Gaiman Retweet

[insert internal flailing here]

So, this happened yesterday. I had no expectation of Mr. Gaiman seeing it, let alone retweeting it, but I spent the next several hours with a silly grin on my face. I hope it made him smile – or even better – chuckle, at the idea of being an undead saint. [Zombie Saint Neil!] His work has brought me much joy, comfort and inspiration for years, and I was beyond delighted that my tweet had come across his virtual desk.

At not quite two weeks post Augonowrimo, I’m finding my equilibrium in fits and starts. I’ve spent the time reading, chatting with close friends, watching movies, gaming a bit and generally doing my best to recharge.

did learn one thing during the event; I have no desire to write to every day. None. Three or four times a week? Awesome. Every day? I turn into a crabby, anti-social beast that is no fun to live with. More on this in the next journal entry.

For the moment, I have four more days of vacation and I intend to savor them. Ending with going to a local Oktoberfest with my family this weekend. There is much Hofbrau beer, Bienenstich cake and folk music in my future. Enjoy your weekend!

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