A Bit of Silliness

Still feeling a bit under the weather today – and rather braindead when it comes to blog ideas – so I thought I’d post a few of my favorite comedy sketches. These come from The Peloton a Melbourne-based production company; head on over to their Youtube page for more.

This perfectly explains how I felt when I tried to watch Game of Thrones. I was just so damn bored trying to wrap my head around all the names and houses and titles. Also, why I can’t keep Sauron and Saruman apart to save my life.

I’ve been known to watch this one repeatedly, because the end pay off always makes me laugh. Simple – and possibly a touch crass – but hilarious.

My absolute favorite; as a big fan of 1995’s Sense and Sensibility this skit beautifully mocks everything I love about the movie and everything that I hated about the book. If you’re not afraid of mocking “literature” you love, give this one a try.

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