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I’m ready for winter to be over, warmer weather can’t come fast enough. I wouldn’t even mind a rainy March if it meant higher temperatures and less wind. I’ve been feeling the building urge to get out of the house this week – for more than weekly appointments – and hide away in a world of books.

It’s a craving not solved by chocolate or carbs or alcohol (although those things can’t hurt …), I need a long visit to my favorite library as soon as possible. My local library is wonderful and certainly not to be overlooked, but an hour away from home there’s a two-story beauty that I dream of getting lost in. The Schaumburg Public Library.

I found it last year and it was love at first sight, as soon as I walked in and there were books every where. I even once quite happily informed a reference librarian that I’d be buried in the library if that was allowed. Thankfully, she didn’t look at me like I was crazy, in fact if memory serves, she chuckled and said that was uniquely flattering.

There’s something about being in libraries, that is instantly comforting to me. The gentle peace and quiet, being surrounded by books old and new feels spiritual to me, in a way that I’ve never experienced in any church.

It feels like being home, no matter what library I’m in. I can quite happily spend many hours wandering through rows and rows of books. Flipping through them, discovering treasures and experimenting in a way I wouldn’t do in a bookstore. Plus there’s the (very pleasant) bonus of bringing home half a dozen or more books, without having to worry about how t’ll cost my pocket book.

Ever since I was a little girl, books (and food) have been the way to my heart. I’m the kind of lady who’d rather have a house with a library, than a shiny rock or a big crazy wedding. I know I’l have met the man of my dreams when he suggests a court house wedding in jeans and Chucks and then promptly follows with, “I think we should add more square footage to that library, do we really need a garage?”

Frankly, if the afterlife isn’t some kind Valhalla by way of the British Library fusion*, I will be pissed.

I’m hoping once meine kleine Schwester is on Spring Break, we’ll have ample opportunity to spend the day down at the library. I’d camp out (if they’d let me) or get a rental closer by if I could, but regardless it’s totally worth the drive. There’s nothing like finding a quiet corner to curl up in with the laptop, and write while surrounded by hundreds – if not thousands – of books.

It’s like inspiration and energy and passion shot straight into my brain. Just being there makes me want to sit down and write, and then go wander the stacks like a traveler with no destination in mind, and then go back and write some more.

At some juncture, this blog must of had a point, but I’m think I’m content to just ramble on about libraries for 600 words. Libraries are full of complex treasures, with far more comfort and community than a Google search will ever create, and if you haven’t been to your local one recently I highly recommend stopping in. You never know what you’ll discover.

* Expect a short-story where the hereafter is library run by Hypatia, Ada Lovelace and Mary Shelley. With, probably, a cameo or nine by Nikola Telsa and others. Because why the hell not? 


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