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That GIF makes me smile every time I see it and I’ve been itching to find a place to use it. It has nothing to do with this entry whatsoever. It just makes me happy. Explanations dispensed, it’s been a shockingly active week for me. Lots and lots of family time, as you can see. I enjoyed having the kids of the weekend, and now I’m hoping the coming week will be very very quiet.

I have no plans this coming week because I switching my counseling and chiropractic appointments to every other week. Yay! I hoping this will give me a bit more time to devote to writing. I’m slowly get back into the rhythm; I tried to get started on my whole Afterlife in a Library short-story, but nothing’s quite coalesced to a usable point yet. Typically I’ll start with characters and scenes that interest me, but since I’m using at least three [formerly] living people – Ada Lovelace, Hypatia and Mary Shelley – I find myself torn between wanting to go for a full-on supernatural office comedy and feeling the urge to be historically correct. It’s currently playing tug-of-war with my brain, so I’m letting it ferment some more.

On a better note, I was able to make progress on Open Season. Originally I’d tried to freewrite my way back in, but I hated what I ended up with. It was a good suggestion but right now it’s not what I need. I want to finish something, particularly the prologue and – after that – the first two or three chapters. Freewriting typically isn’t a problem for me, and I have plenty of disconnected chapters and scenes that I know I can construct into the middle section of the novel. So I followed my gut and started to edit my way back in the story [this is typically how I reacquaint myself with something I’ve set aside for a while]. By the end of my brief session I had not only enjoyed myself, but I found out more about the background of one of the main characters – Wes – that adds a nice amount of depth to his past. I’m so glad I followed my own desires, because it led me to my first genuinely enjoyable writing session in weeks.

The other accomplishment I’m proud of this week, is the fact that I was finally able to come up with a favicon design for the site. A favicon is that little image to the left of your web address that’s often used as a visual reminder in bookmarks. It’s something I’ve wanted to create since I opened but could never get right. Finally, after two designs that I liked but were a bit too obscure for their own good, I went with simple and clean. My first initial surrounded  by curly brackets, in the accent purple that I use for the site in the header, links and etc. It’s clean, elegant, classy and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

While it was jam-packed full of tasks, this week was also incredibly satisfying. I was able to spend time with family, game both solo and watching the kiddos, enjoy several really wonderful movies, write, improve the site in a couple different ways and even take a couple of naps. I’d say that’s a win.

The Week in Achievements …


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