Dear Gods This Was a Busy Week


Holy crap, I didn’t realize how much I’d done this week. No wonder I was so tired today! Both Wednesday and the weekend were pretty full on, and I even managed to write the Thursday blog post from beginning to end in a matter of hours. I’ve gotten some lovely feedback from friends and family online, too, which should hopefully mean more regular non-ROW posts in the future.

No writing – well, fictional writing – this week, but I’m okay with that. I started a new part-time job, went pretty much nonstop on Wednesday, started a new major art project, got a fair amount of gaming in, spent time with family, purchased and set up my new iPhone all by myself, squeezed in a bit of reading, was “on” for various children for 48(ish) hours straight and finally conquered laundry. With the added bonus of color coding all of my shirts! Yes, I’m the kind of woman who enjoys color coding her laundry. 😀

I totally think that’s more than enough for one week.

This Week in Accomplishments

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