Oh Gods, is it Thursday?

Thor Astride Nyan Cat[In honor of my baby sister: tiny!Thor riding Nyan cat.
Also the kitty looks like a Pop-Tart, which is Marvel-canon approved.]

Holy shit it’s Thursday. The last two weeks have kind of been a blur, first my little sister was on Spring break and now I’m dealing with severe PMS. [Yay extra potent hormones!] Spring break was awesome; we went to the library twice, hit the comic book store and generally just hung out together. It was great because since she started high school we haven’t had as much schwester time. I really enjoyed having a week to just laze about the house with Mom and Ju. Though it did mean I got off track with certain things, like the blog and writing.

I’m not ready to be back on schedule yet. I want to be, because I like being on schedule at least in my head, but the actual reality of it is kind of miserable right now. I hope you’ll all forgive – or enjoy – the style of this entry, as I’m writing it using the built-in dictation software on my Mac. It’s actually working really well. There are some minor editing issues, and it’s a little weird to talk out loud to my computer, but overall I am getting this written a lot faster.

I don’t know if this is a good thing, as I seem to be rambling a lot, but it might be good practice. Because then I can just sort of shoot blogs off at the mouth, rather than hyper-obsessing over every word. At the moment I have absolutely no idea what this blog is going, but it’s super fun to watch words show up on the page. I’m easily amused and this fits the bill.

In more productive news, I’m actually been writing a bit this week. I’ve started a project with a dear friend and have set clearer goals for myself, while still trying to be flexible about my style and approach. We’ve decided what our end goals are and broken them down into easily managed bites. We have a weekly goal of 1,925 words or 385 a day. Which for me is really convenient. I like small goals that leave me lots of room to overachieve. So I’m hoping that this will be a good fit, and by this time next year I will have a finished draft to share.

I’m also coming up on the first anniversary of this blog! The grand birthday is June 5, 2015. I’d like to do something to celebrate it, and I’m debating whether or not to give the site a facelift. Perhaps a new layout or color scheme. I haven’t decided yet, but if you have any thoughts I’d love to hear them in the comments. Also let me know how you feel about the style of blogging, it’s really handy, and I might try to use it more in the future.

[Hey, I wrote this in under an hour! That’s gotta be a record …]

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