Building Better Habits


I don’t know if it’s an individual personality tick or part of my INFJ type, but I’m always trying to improve. Seeing as I’ve hit the year mark for the website, I’d like to shift into a higher gear. Nothing major, because I’m a fan of slow steady progress over great leaps. So while I hesitate to label these things “goals”, because something about that word always seems to trigger a negative feedback loop in my brain, I do want to spend the next year building better habits in regard to the site.

Draft Blog Posts Twice a Week

Writing posts in advance is something I’ve often struggled with. Strangely, it feels like deception, talking about “this Thursday”, knowing my readership wouldn’t be reading it until a week or two after the fact. I still don’t know how I feel about it, truth be told but with subscription now running, I want to make sure there’s regular postings. I also want to make sure it’s also as engaging as possible.

I’ve scrolled through enough creative blogs to read my fair share of static, boring articles posted just for the sake of churning words out. Like so much digital sawdust. I understand – logically – that every single post I write can’t be sparkling perfection. Much as I’d like to be 110% all the time, there’s going to be posts that don’t hit the high mark,ss fall short of my idea of perfection. That said, I want to my work to be worthy of your time every week. I value the readership I’m slowly earning, and I want to keep raising the bar every month.

Expanding My Social Circle

I have super mixed feelings with this. On the one hand I want to reach out to the blog community more than I have. On a personal note, I’ve broken ties with the two biggest cornerstones of my writing circle in the last year, and it’s left me feeling … creatively isolated. I know that in order to build up a new circle again, I have to be vulnerable and put myself back out there. Yet I don’t want to blindly connect with a bunch of networks just to drive random traffic to the site. I also don’t want it to become a circle of my clique and I patting each other on the back, talking about how great and unappreciated we are. That’s the creative equivalent to running in circles; sure it’s fun and you pick up some speed, but you don’t really get anywhere.

Any connections I bring to the site need to be quality. I don’t want to load this pace full of ads, contests or other nonsense. It’s simply not my style. When I have a book out to give away, I’d love to give away copies to readers, but short of sharing that I’m not looking to add that kind of traffic to the site. Quality over quantity is my mantra, and will continue to be, regardless of how I expand the site moving forward. If you’re part of a network you think I’d benefit from, don’t hesitate to let me know about it in the comments.

Add More Works to the Roster

This one could take the longest to get off the ground, but I am making steps towards getting my writing out there. I’ve set up an Archive of My Own for cross-posting anything I write, in the hopes of building a community and receiving feedback from fellow writers. I’ve also set up some pen-names, which I’ll be discussing in the next post.

I’ve got a pile of short stories that have been languishing unfinished – or in some cases, unstarted – in Scrivener for far too long. In the coming year I want to finish several of them; short stories is truly where I first learned to be a writer, and I’d like to get back in touch with that part of my creative drive. It also has the bonus of allowing me to share more at a faster pace.


There they are in black and white, my drives and hopes for the coming months. If you have any suggestions about how I can improve the site, move in stronger creative circles, or simply stick with the plans I’ve made, speak up. I’ll gladly listen to all the advice I get.

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