The Battle Plan (and Call to Arms)

I’ll do my best to keep this short.

Since November 2016 I’ve had the dream to create a nerdy empire. An online sanctuary, a haven for lots of styles of nerdom. From gaming to cosplay, beer brewing to book worms. I want build an online community like those that have arisen around PAX, Twitch, D&D and more. Adding my voice to – what I can only hope – is growing chorus of nerds using their nerdiness to shine light into the world.

I want to give back more than I take. Create more than I consume.

Building a community where we foster not only our creativity and passions, but champion important issues like mental health and personal growth. Transforming from mere individuals into a family of like-minded nerds who lift each other up in the tough times, and clap each other on the back when we succeed. Regardless of gender, faith, politics or many of the other “big issues” that pull people apart.

There’s plenty of places in the world where people can go and complain or bitch about their circumstances. Starbucks coffeeshops and YouTube comment sections come to mind. But I know if I want to see goodness in the world, I have to help create it. So this is where I tell you the plan for the foundation of my Nerd Empire.

I want to bring people together, and being only one soul in a sea of billions, I’m going to start small. With a YouTube channel called Nerd in Real Life, featuring videos on gaming, mental health and my primary creative outlet, writing. In the beginning it be slow coming together, as I’m wearing many hats behind a very thin curtain. With time I hope to have guest posters and content creators. Building a living, growing community where I am only the small acorn that developed into an oak tree.

Creating a platform not to toot my own horn – I’m not in this for glory or attention – but share happiness with others. And I know I can’t build an empire alone, it requires support from others – nerds like you – to bloom. If I had to sum up my goal in one sentence, it would be this:

I want help other nerds thrive, creatively, personally and professionally. I want this website and my YouTube channel to feel like the family couch, where there’s always room for one more and everyone has the best spot.

It’s that simple, and that daunting.

This is the Call to Arms part, in case you were wondering. I currently have Nerd in Real Life set to go on YouTube. In the coming weeks and months I’ll be adding videos, but there’s an issue I’d like to tackle as soon as possible.

Right now, this is the only way to link to NiRL:–35lDAvbpFuPqKg

It’s long, it’s not pretty and it’s heckin’ hard to remember. Which is where you come in, if you’re willing to subscribe to Nerd In Real Life right now, thirty of you could make the goal of a shorter URL stupidly easy to obtain. Rather than the internet hieroglyphs above, it would become the concise and lovely:

If you’re willing to take the jump and subscribe based on a concept, you’ll have my profound gratitude. If you share this post and spread the word, you’ll get it but doubled. So that’s my big ask, subscribe to the channel and share the post to help me begin building my Nerd Empire of Happy Good Times.

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