Disclaimer and Site Policies

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Site Disclaimer

Everything on this site [exception: journal images, see below], from the journal entries to my Twitter account, is the product of my own, individual life experiences. While I’ve created this site out of the desire to collate my work and herd my readership into a happy little cyber-home, it is my home.

Though it is open to all, I am the sole maintainer of this plot of the world-wide web. I pay the bills on it, I decorate it with words and I fix it when it breaks. There will times you disagree with my opinions / beliefs / thoughts or the manner in which I’ve expressed them. I respect your right to disagree, but I make no promises that I will always be fair or even agreeable.

If you find something disagreeable – and cannot discuss it in a civilized manner – point your browser elsewhere. This website is not a democracy, you do not get a vote in my beliefs, opinions or emotions.

On a related note, this website is for my writing. I have no desire to use it as a platform to share my political or religious beliefs. Those are private and will remain so. It is a “personal” blog, in the sense that a single user maintains it (me), but I will not use it to whinge about my personal life. That’s what my Evernote journal is for. The only exception may possibly be my depression, which can affects my creative output.

Journal Entry Images

Unless otherwise stated, I do not own any of the images that I use for the journal posts. I typically Google for an image and go from there. If I have used one of your images and would like me to remove it, please don’t hesitate to email me via the contact information in the footer.

Comment Policy

I enjoy receiving comments from a wide range of readers and encourage open, mature discussion about the topics within my blog. One of the best things I’ve experienced with this site is thoughtful conversations – both long and short – with readers. I prefer to be as hands-off as possible when it comes to moderation, allowing discussions to follow their own paths.

That said, however, commenters (yes I mean you) do not have Freedom of Speech here. This blog is a personal endeavor, paid for and maintained by me. Consider this website my virtual home, when you enter it I expect you to follow certain codes of conduct: wipe your feet at the door, mind your manners, don’t break my tech, stay out of my whisky unless invited and so on.

I reserve the right to edit, delete and otherwise moderate all comments as I see fit. Your comment will be more likely to be moderated, edited or deleted if it contains any phobic content (including but not limited to: ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, weight, age, religion and so); is a personal attack on another commenter; is entirely unrelated to the entry topic; contains more than “fair use” of copyrighted work; has such horrid spelling or grammar I can’t bear to leave it unedited; is clearly a troll, spam or a sales pitch; I find it obnoxious or feel it adds nothing of value to the conversation. I don’t abide drive-by-commenting. Don’t like it? Don’t comment. Easy peasy.

Consider Before Commentating

Before commenting on any blog, it’s an excellent to do a bit of visualization first. Imagine that you’re writing to a dear friend, a sibling, someone that you want to truly converse with. Now, imagine Said Person has shared something they love, opening their heart and soul to you, and then asking you for feedback. That person? Is me.

Remember that, whether you’re here to commiserate, share kind words of encouragement or engage in a passionate debate, you are always talking to another person. With feelings, beliefs, prejudices and insecurities. I posted that photo in the About page for a reason, because I want to engage with commenters on a personal, one-to-one level, not just be another faceless creature on the internet. I stand by all the words I post here, and I expect my commenters to do the same.

I hold a similar policy when it comes to commenters communicating with each other. Remember that all of your fellow readers are also people with a wide array of similarities and differences. Treat them with the grace, intelligence and respect that you’ve been give here.

Posting Schedule

I update the journal twice a month on Thursdays. Prose entries (chapters, short stories, deleted scenes, etc.) are posted when they’re finished. I am not a fast writer, it’ll be done when it’s done and no sooner. I wish I was faster with prose, it’s something I’m endeavoring to improve.

Adult Content Advisory

All content on this site is for an adult audience. As the “content notice” in the footer states, reader discretion is advised. Stories and journal entries may contain elements including but not limited to: mature themes, alcohol and drug references, language, sexuality and violence. If you are not of the legal age in your home state [or country] or find any of the above content objectionable, please turn your browser elsewhere. Otherwise read at your own risk.

Copyright and Other Legal Stuff

This site is copyright to Jessica Zimmer (2014 – 2016) in its entirety.

Content may not be copied, shared or otherwise reprinted without express permission by Jessica Zimmer. If you would like to share something, email first and ask. It’s just good manners. The theme of the site is Cloriato, from Ink Themes, customized by me. My deepest thanks go to the amazing support team from Ink Themes forums. The stock images were found at Dreamstime.