5000 Miles to Vinland

Hannah Portner’s been at a standstill since receiving the diagnosis that changed her life. After leaving her dream college and surviving the loss of her best-friend, she tucked herself away from the outside world. Living on the Northwest coast, where her father carries the smell of rain clouds in his back pocket, and her mother brews the best mead in all the Nine Worlds.

But when the man she loves returns after a year of silence, Hannah makes an impulsive choice that will change both of their lives.

Hijacking his truck, she gives Ned Burkhardt an ultimatum, either take her with or walk nine miles back to town for spark plugs and a new set of keys. During three months on the road they share driving duties, long stretches of angry silence and the occasional motel room, learning that time doesn’t heal all wounds, sometimes it only buries them.

Genres: Magical Realism, Mythic Fiction, Low Fantasy, Americana, Canadian Adoration
Warnings: Mature – Explicit (Drinking, Language, Sex)
Tags: Heathen Gods, Road-Trip Shenanigans, Dinosaurs!

Open Season

Thirty-something Nora Holden has a normal life: a large family, a steady 9-to-5 and a fiancé she adores. But as the head of a multi-national private security corporation, with clientele ranging from Madam President to the latest celebrity pop-tart, that’s where any association with “normal” ends.

While her team of ex-Special Forces soldiers are flying around the world [often working in countries ending in “-stan”], Nora holds down the fort with her favorite prodigy and one exquisitely nosy AIOS. Staying behind a wall of glass while they heal the sick, stop the bad guys and babysit dignitaries.

But when she begins a drug trial promising to cure neurological disorders from Parkinson’s to Cerebral Palsy, her carefully honed control begins to falter. As her entire world unravels Nora is faced with a choice: stop the treatment and protect the extraordinary life she’s built, or become a shadow of her former self.

Genres: Science Fiction (Biotechnology \ Parahumanism), Military SF, BGLT+ Positive Fiction, “For Science!” Goes Awry
Warnings: Mature – Explicit (Drinking, Language, Sex, Violence)
Tags: Practically Perfect British People, Sisters Being Awesome, Unisex Badassery, This Will All End in Ugly Tears


Short Stories

Pick Up Lines and Peanut Butter

Sebastian repeatedly warned himself that this was how stalkers were made, one innocently curious observation at a time. But she was becoming a habit, a morning ritual he enjoyed more than his bagel and over-brewed coffee. Every morning she would sit at one of the cafe tables in the chain coffee house, order herself a cupcake, pastry or some other breakfasty item – never the actual coffee, he noted with amusement – and set to work.

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Meet-Cute, Nerdy Men Being Flummoxed
Warnings: General Audiences
Tags: Men Being Adorable Dorks, Nerdilicious, Peanut Butter, Sisters Being Awesome, Whole Foods

Beneath The Sheets

For the first year it had been a dizzying tangle of traffic, too many people and too much smog. She’d found her niche working in the Chicago Public Library, surrounded by the safety of books in orderly rows, over 700 square feet of peace in a thriving mass of millions. Slowly adapting to her new environment like a sunflower climbing along brick and iron to find the light.

Genres: Romance, Slice of Life
Warnings: General Audiences
Tags: Unrepentant Domestic Fluff, Country Girl City Boy

The Lightrunners: Hunt the Shadows – In Progress

Private Investigator Eve Rogers is a tough cookie, but she’s about to get in over her head, thanks to a small champion, a wounded Monochrome Campaign veteran (who might’ve missed his meds this morning) and the young magnate of the Jones Family Dynasty with her fair share of secrets.

Genres: Alternative History, DieselPunk, Retrofuturism
Warnings: Mature – Explicit (Drinking, Language, Violence)
Tags: 30th Century Modern Swagger, Pulp Fiction Mystery, Cute Pint-Sized Protag