The Lightrunners Series


Hunt the Shadows

Private Investigator Eve Rogers is a tough cookie, but she’s about to get in over her head thanks
to a small champion, a wounded Monochrome Campaign veteran – who might’ve missed his meds
this morning – and the young magnate of the Jones Family Dynasty with her fair share of secrets.

The Littlest Lightrunner

Walt’s answer was thwarted by a knock on their front door. As she swung the door open,
Eve was shocked by the sight on her front stoop. A small boy, no more than five, with crystal
blue eyes, a determined expression and a navy raincoat with orange and yellow sharks on it.

Tea and Whisky

The fear on his face was genuine, not a child’s fear of the dark or of unknown villains laying in
wait under the bed, but a true nightmare that had stalked men on the battlefield for almost six
years without ceasing.

Before the Night Fell – In Progress